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  • From Bob Atkins' site, here is a list of Canon IR compatible lenses. The reliability of this list is unknown, but this link should stay here until most of the lenses have been added to the Master Lens Ratings. Added 2/11
  • The site maintains a list of IR compatibility for lenses, rating them in three categories: No hot spots reports, May produce a hot-spot, and Poor IR-perfomace. Ratings are based upon reader submissions. For inclusion in the first category, at least one (positive) report on the lens must have been received. The lenses in the middle category are those reported to have weak hot-spots or only hot-spots under certain conditions. Lenses with conflicting reports (some readers report that it produces hot-spots, others that it don't) Those in the last category are those with firm negative repost. Added 2011-03-21:
  • A detailed lens hotspot list from one of the conversion companies: Added 5/4/14.